Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tea Party on Columbia Road

Last Saturday I went to Jessie and Buddug's summer tea party at their shop on Columbia Road. It was great to say hello to them again, and I got to show Jessie my embroidered Amsterdam in person, which was nice since we could only get so far in class. The shop looks wonderful, and as usual, is filled with beautiful and inspiring creations by Jessie and Buddug, including a great dollhouse. Jessie's dad custom built the dollhouse, and Jessie and Buddug have filled it with handmade miniatures. It's beautifully displayed in the window.
It was hard to get pictures of it with the reflections from the street, so if you're in London, go see it in person (though there is one picture of a bed in the dollhouse, below). Here's a peek in the shop. To see more pictures of the shop from my previous visit, click here. 

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