Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Georgia Junkin'

One thing I wanted to do on my trip back home was go junkin' with my mom in the sticks. We thought about driving to Opelika, AL since my mom knows of some junk stops along the way and some in Opelika, but she had also heard that Monroe, GA was a great place for junkin'. A quick Google search led to Sassytrash, a cute blog where we saw some pictures of the great antique malls in Monroe. Monroe isn't exactly the sticks, but the photos were all we needed to see to make a decision. And off to Monroe we went! Our first stop was The Cotton Depot.
It's a great antique mall, with booths that are very nicely merchandised and with prices on everything. I swear I did not look at one thing that didn't have a price. And the grounds outside are so pretty too, with beautiful plants and garden furniture. The prices were very reasonable too--downright cheap compared to London prices! Here's a peek into The Cotton Depot, our favorite junk spot in Monroe. 
So many beautiful linens here!

A lot of creative walls in the booths, like using old doors to hang pictures. 
Cute bike up high on a table with an umbrella lamp. 
 A lot of creative ways to display merchandise.
 Old tins and trays. I just love old tins and trays all mixed up.
 More displays on doors.
 Lots of cute vintage toys and dolls. Looks like Raggedy Ann got pooped from all that ironing. But still happy.
 My mom and I loved this rattan sofa, and I liked the globe too.
 Lots of great, old chairs. I wanted these two to bring home.
 Lots of great, chippy painted furniture too.
 I loved this plant stand.
And this wee iron bed. It's hard to tell the size, but this bed was child sized and thought it would be great on a porch.
 I saw so many great quilts, also at very reasonable prices.
 And more chippy furniture. This table was pink. Cute.
We were buzzing with excitement when we left to hunt for more junk. We went to three other pretty good places before stopping at the Monroe Cotton Mills Antiques. This antique mall is HUGE with a mix of everything. In general it's not as cute or well merchandised as the Cotton Depot, but there are still lots of treasures to be found here. I'm going to let these last pictures speak for themselves because my sister is here and we gotta go take all these kids someplace before we go nutso!! But Monroe is definitely great for antiques and junk, and if you get hungry, head to The Butcher Block for some country cookin'. Enjoy your junk eye candy! 
Head to Sassytrash to see some wider shots. 


mn said...

SO jealous Leigh! what a great find. so how much can you haul back to the UK?

Kim said...

Leigh, I have 2 iron baby cribs. The first one was my very first couch that I made back in 1970. It is wonderful. I saw the idea in a Better Homes and Gardens 100 ideas under $100 back then. I'll have to do a blog post on it. Then I found a small white iron one at an antique mall for $35..couldn't pass up that price. We use that for our Frankenstein at Halloween but I will turn it into a little settee some day. Love these junkin' places. Makes me want to go down there soon!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found the owner rather snooty, I felt I was being given the run down when I entered the shop to see if I could afford to be there, didn't get the feeling the owner cared about selling.