Monday, 1 August 2011

Historic Roswell Antique Mall

Last weekend my mom and I went to Roswell, GA, which is the town I grew up in. I wanted to go back and see our old house and just see how things looked. Roswell is quite a ways north of where my mom currently lives, so we haven't been back in a long time. It was nice to see the old house but a little strange too. It wasn't the emotional experience I was expecting, which was a good thing because we had some fun things planned for afterwards like hitting the antique mall. The Historic Roswell Antique Mall is right around the corner from our old house, and it was just as fun to browse around as the old days.
They had a great selection of linens and fabrics this visit. And as usual, I'm always drawn to red and green. I don't know why really, but those are two of my favorite colors that always catch my eye, like the cabinet above. I loved it.
And green Majolica plates. I didn't used to like Majolica, but I love it now. I'd like to have a set of mis-matched green Majolica. 
Fabric, fabric, fabric! Most of this was barkcloth. Some really great prints here. 
And linens! Most of these were embroidered pillowcases and napkins. 
And tablecloths. I like these 50's and 60's prints as tablecloths or for making things, girl's dresses, aprons, etc. 
I'd love to have this rack for towels in our bathroom. Our bathroom is too tiny though. But one day I'd like one like this for towels. 
I'd also love one of these industrial racks one day. I think it would be great for towels too, or magazines. It would be good for so many things really, pots and pans in a kitchen, plants, books...
Quilts. I love old quilts. 
And some cute toys and kid's furniture. This antique mall is really big and they had so much great stuff, but that's just a little bit of what caught my eye. More junkin' with mom later this week....


tothenorthstar said...

Great Photos! Looks like they have some amazing finds!

Kim said...

oooh, I'd love to go there! Love you pics of it!