Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This past weekend we went to Belgium. I meant to blog that we were going before we left, but then I just got busy and before I knew it we were back! We stayed in Bruges, a really charming old city with winding canals, and we also hopped over to Ghent. Bruges was lovely, but quite touristy. It was hard to get a feel for how the locals live there since there didn't seem to be many locals in comparison to tourists, but it was still picturesque and made for a very nice long weekend getaway. If you want to go to Belgium, I'd say stay in a place like Ghent and then go to Bruges for the day. The architecture was a little more varied and dramatic in Ghent, and you can get more of a sense of how the locals live. We were there Easter Sunday, so a number of shops and restaurants were closed, but peeking through the windows, so many of them looked interesting. Here's a snapshot peek of our weekend, as seen through the iPhone, starting above with our hotel... (oh the hotel was really great too, especially the breakfast, but if you do go to Bruges, try to stay in a B&B or hotel along one of the canals, just for the view).

Bruges shop. 


The Belfry in Bruges.

Town center with fun fair rides.

Old music / instrument shop.

A Duvel. I love Belgian beers!

Kwatta! Chocolate sprinkles for breakfast? When in Belgium...

Canal view.

Duck! Our boat tour guide's head.

Bruges town center.

More canals.

Halve Maan brewery tour. 

Belgian chocolates. Lois liked them a lot. 

Gravensteen castle museum.

Ghent. Quite the dramatic view on this bridge.

St. Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent.

Taking it in one last time. Saying goodbye to Belgium. 

Looking down from the plane. Headed home. 


Erin said...

So many things about this post make me homesick!! I used to live in Holland and speak Dutch. So much of Brugge reminds me of Holland... The hagelslag for breakfast, I still eat it! And, I can't tell you how many pictures I have of flying over Holland:) Thanks for this post, it's a beautiful walk down memory lane... And it looks like you had a wonderful time:)

Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

How wonderful. My boyfriend was going to take me to Bruges for my birthday but snow cancelled our trip - I am totally gutted now after seeing these photos.
So pleased you enjoyed it!

iraunink said...

Brugge calls itself 'the only city in Europe prettier than its postcards.' We stayed in a nice merchants hotel - a one-mile walk from the train station. Did you go to the lace museum? Did you see Le Pieta (Michaelangelo sculpture)in the cathedral? Or the Beguinage? If not, you missed seeing a city paused in time.

Michelle said...

Love Belgium. Next time you'll have to venture along the North Sea or south to Liege.

Kim said...

I want to go!

write essay said...

just look at this!! isn't iy great!! so lovely views. want to visit this places