Friday, 12 November 2010

The Little Black Dress

Natalie Wood sure does look amazing in her little black dress here. I love this picture. She looks like she's about to conquer the city, maybe even the world! I went on a hunt for a new little back dress (for an occasion to come), and found quite a few at Zara. Every gal need a little black dress, right? I have a few, but they're old-ish, and I'm just a little bored with them. So I decided to get a new one. I love Zara. Their color palate is, well, a little lacking in color--quite neutral, but I often love their clothes. Zara did not disappoint. They had so much to choose from. I tried on a handful of little blacks, and could have come home with a new black dress wardrobe, but I settled on two. And the prices are so reasonable, I think, for the quality. Here are a few little black dresses from Zara right now.
And these last two are the ones I bought. They both look much better on, I think, than in the pictures. I especially love the last one. It looks really good on, and I love the fabric. All of these are in the dresses section on the Zara web site


Lea simply said...

I like this picture! I prefer her black dress..

Big Hug Studio said...

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