Thursday, 2 September 2010

Around London Town

Oh my, I'm a terrible blogger, letting days and days go by! I've lost my blog mojo lately, which I imagine is not very nice for my friendly readers, now is it? It's not your fault I'm in a blog slump. I haven't been feeling too chatty lately, but I'm usually knee deep in pictures, or get that way once I've been out and about on the town for a few hours. So to keep you entertained until I have something more exciting to share, here's a bit of what I've been up to: strolling around town, walking along the river, and having tea. Sounds nice and looks pretty in pictures too. Oh and I did get a fun new lens, a Diana lens and adaptor to use on our regular camera. It's supposed to give off a soft focus or dreamy effect, and so far it's really fun. The first two pictures are with the Diana lens and the others are with my iPhone.
Walking along the Thames in Richmond. 
Strolling around London, crossing the Westminster Bridge, looking at the London Eye.
On the bridge, in the other direction, Houses of Parliament. 
Oh yes, and I had tea at Haymarket Hotel, which I posted about recently. Unfortunately the conservatory room was unavailable (that's the room my friend recommended, the one she said was like having tea inside an Anthropologie), but it was still great. I've become sort of an afternoon tea junkie. 


John said...

We missed you. These photos are great.

jules said...

love you pics. the cupcake made me crave one!

caroline said...

my blog has been totally abandoned! i wish i was there to afternoon tea with you. i'm not loving my current tasks. xoxo

Deborah said...

Just found you ... and I love your blog. Great photos, lovely homelife, warm mood,very inspiring.

Thanks for sharing.

Deb x