Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Inspire Me Tea

We're back from our vacation, and I think I'm experiencing post vacation depression disorder! I wonder if there really is such a thing. I'm really just in a little bit of a post-vacation funk. It was so much fun that it's hard to come down from such a great time. Today I'm doing things around the house, laundry and whatnot, but also thinking of some fun London places to visit. One place on my list is afternoon tea at the Haymarket Hotel. A friend told me about tea at the hotel and said it's sort of like having tea inside an Anthropologie. I could handle that. It does look inspiring, doesn't it? I wonder if they have high chairs for the wee tea drinkers.


Chelsea said...

What a cool looking place. Seems like it would be a fun place to hang out. Thanks for the photos.

caroline said...

i ALWAYS have post vaca depression. i had it when i left you guys for sure! can't wait to see the photos from tea at haymarket. xo