Friday, 22 January 2010


We had a great, short trip to Hawaii, and now we're in Atlanta.  We'll be here one week before we leave for London. Hawaii was just as I expected--amazing weather and just beautiful in general.  The water and sky were so blue, and it was great to be on a beach where it doesn't get crazy hot (or too cold like in SF).  Here's a last look at Hawaii.  Do sunset pictures ever get old?  I think I took about 50 of them!


caroline said...

these are great, wish i'd been there with you! xo

littlebyrd said...

I wish you had been on Maui and that we would have bumped into each other! That would have been so much fun :)
Safe travels!!!!!!!!!


Can I borrow that pic of Lois with her pail to use in my childrens section? It's perfect for a store by the ocean. Glad you made it in one piece.

baffle said...

what a terrific 'interim stop' - a little island fun with sweetie pie lois. you'll be thinking on this fondly (and longingly) once you settle down in londontown!

good times all around, leigh.

alex t said...

these are wonderful! so sorry i didn't get to say good-bye! i am hoping to do a stopover in london in july!!