Saturday, 5 December 2009

San Francisco This Morning

We made it back to San Francisco last night after a long day.  The flight was fine, and Lois was good on the plane, but we were already really tired when yesterday started.  Lois has another cold, and she didn't sleep much the night before, which means we didn't sleep much the night before.  So yesterday felt very  l o n g.

Last night after we got home, we ordered takeout and went straight to bed.  Well, me and Lois went to bed while Andrew went to his company holiday party.  I'm not sure how he had the energy to go, but he did.  As you can imagine with the time change and going to bed so early, me and Lois were up before the sun, 5AM to be exact.

Our place is a mess.  It always looks like we've been robbed when we get home because our cat, Sophie, is a little crazy and tears the place up when we're gone (our pet sitter doesn't clean up Sophie's wreckage, and we don't really expect her to). She's still adjusting to us being home, which means she's meowing incessantly and following me around with every step I take.  And our overflowing suitcases are all over the place along with all the stuff that's bursting out of them. So this morning, surrounded by the mess and our poor psycho cat, I felt like my head was going to explode, so I decided I needed to get out of here.  I took Lois for a walk.

As soon as we got outside I felt much better.  Some of the clouds still had that cotton candy pink color, which I love.  Here are a few pictures from the neighborhood this morning on our walk. 

I love seeing the moon out in the morning, and it even looks good through the telephone lines. 

Sutro Tower in the sun with a blue-ish glow.

And with a pinkish-orange glow.  I'm not sure how this turned out so different from the other Sutro picture above.  I used Shake It for both pictures. Maybe the white balance changed a little because of what I was pointing towards.

When I saw these birds, I thought ooh, maybe I can get a picture of them taking off.  So I waited patiently (so did Lois).

I thought this late-comer might stir them, but they kept resting, that is until just a few seconds later . . .

when they took to the air!

We had a good morning, and I felt much better when we got home.  Now it's time to clean up this mess!


Emily said...

miss you sooooo much already!!!
love ya, mom xxxoooooxxxxxx

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Leigh...this last pic is just PRECIOUS!!!!! You've gotta use this as your profile pic!! I have to tell you, your photography is absolutely amazing girl...I mean it!! Glad you're home safe and sound ~ xxoo, Dawn

littlebyrd said...

I loved every single one of these pictures so much.

Erin said...

Beautiful photos! Fantastic!

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Leigh said...

I've been getting blog spam lately, which is why I deleted the comments above. I might need to turn on the moderation where I approve each comment before it posts :(

caroline said...

i just walked that same path!

Leslie said...

These pictures are just head over heels gorgeous!

hee hee! i never thought of my house as looking like it was just robbed, but man, you hit the nail on the head in how to describe that bit of a rushed parent of a baby feeling that hits I think every household once in awhile!

Thanks for making my day!