Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Treasures

My mom added a few great things to her etsy shop last night, including a convex glass frame, a sterling silver spoonand a set of decorative tin hot plates.  Head over to see what else she has in store.  She's really excited about her shop, and I'm so happy she finally has it going.  I've been wanting her to open up shop for a while now.  Since I closed my vintage etsy shops (primarily due to lack of space for anything), I'll be giving you updates to hers every now and then instead.  You might like what she has in store. I do. I always want to go shopping in her garage when I visit! It's like being at a flea market.


Shelley said...

leigh! the top picture (framed print) looks like you!!! i did a double take - it looks like your features were totally photoshopped in!!! too funny.

littlebyrd said...

Me too! I saw the picture very small on my reader and I totally though tit was you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your aesthetic and your blog. I have an etsy vintage shop too (, and love to go flea marketing/junking like you. Please keep up the great blog.

Elizabeth Cohen