Monday, 14 September 2009

London Guides

Over the weekend we went to the Tate and wandered around a few neighborhoods. One neighborhood was Islington were we had a great lunch at The Elk in the Woods, a restaurant I read about in the Lo-Fi London guide from Notes by Naive. She's compiled an extensive list of great London shops and restaurants, and a few museums and parks as well. Her guide alone could keep me busy for a year, but add to it Lynne's guide for Design Sponge, Victoria's London adventures, The Traditional Shops and Restaurants of London (my favorite London guide book), AND a long list my friend Noa made (who used to live here), and I might need a few years to cover it all. These guides overlap a bit, but I think they're all great, and I highly recommend them if you're making a trip to London anytime soon.

All images from The Traditional Shops and Restaurants of London by Eugenia Bell; photos by Phil Nichols.

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littlebyrd said...

You have a wonderful way of finding the best places to go!