Saturday, 25 April 2009

I Like the Nightlife

A while back Lisa gave me these great club photo sleeves, which are all from the 40s and from San Francisco clubs. Photographers used to go around to clubs and take pictures and would offer people the pictures for purchase. They would mail a copy in a sleeve corresponding to the club you were visiting. I love the colors and unique graphic design of each card. I've been meaning to frame them but wasn't sure how to incorporate them into the look of the rest of our place. I think they might be best in our bedroom. I was going for a brighter look a while back, but gave up a little because I wasn't liking where it was going. These might be the trick to bringing it all together.

It's also fun to look at the pictures inside the sleeves. All of these must have belonged to the man and woman on the right. The man on the right is in every picture in each sleeve and playing the piano in a few of the pictures. I wonder who he is.

I love these menus, shown below, that I saw on Apartment Therapy from Lynn's house of Paris Hotel Boutique. They reminded me of the nightclub photo sleeves. I also love her lady portraits, too, of course.


the letters i wish i'd written said...

I love this idea, it makes me think i was born in the wrong time...our generation will have horrid drunken facebook pictures, no fair!

Sonya said...

LOVING those sleeves, very cool.


He was a musician named Harrold Zimmerman. His wife is in her nineties and still alive. I believe he played piano. They are really cool.
So what's up with the bedroom? Not enough color?
Lisa & Alfie

Leigh said...

Thanks Lisa! Great to know. Sorry if you told me before and I just didn't remember!