Sunday, 19 April 2009

Flea Market Fun

Today I went to the Alemany flea market and had a great time! Or maybe I should call it the Ferragamo flea market. I must have seen about 30 pairs of vintage Ferragamos. The bin below had about 5 pairs (including that tan pair you see there with the classic Ferragamo logo shimmering inside). Unfortunately, my two favorites didn't have their mate. But there were plenty more to go around, and I got a few others. I used to think finding a great pair of Ferragamos was a rarity, but here in San Francisco, they seem to be everywhere.

Lots of vintage clothes today. The seashell pink silk jacket above is so cute and has little bows stitched on it. I've looked at this many times and it's always still here week after week. It has a few unfortunate stains on it so I have a feeling it might live on the rack for while.

More fun vintage shoes. The red wedge espadrilles are so cute, but one sole was coming off. And the little cream suede lace-ups on the top rack there are Ferragamos too. This vendor wanted a pretty penny for them, so I had to pass.

I did get a handful of really great bags, including the three above, which I'll list this week in my etsy shop. The foldover kisslock clutch is in great condition and so cute, the inital bag was calling my name (my initals are L M, which is the inverse of how it's printed, but that's okay, I still couldn't pass it up), and the woven basket bag was really cute too.

Above are some clothes from Ms. Ellie's space. She always has the best clothes. Her clothes are always in great condition and you really don't even have to pick through them to find great stuff. She had a really pretty 50s floral party dress beside her that I asked about. I wondered if maybe she was holding it for someone. She said it had a spot on it and she was going to take it home to have it dry cleaned to see if it would come out. She showed me the spot and I could hardly see it. I know she takes good care of these clothes. I bought the dress below from her and I love it! It fits me, but I bought it for my etsy shop, which is where it is now. (Update--it already sold! I guess I won't be keeping it for sure!)

Here I am trying it on and looking over at Andrew who said, "hey, you should keep that one!"

Now I have to rest. The flea market was so fun, but I'm tired!


Georgia B. said...

love that blue dot dress!! it's really great!

found you through a friend of a friend of a friend—via the game of tag going around. :)

lovely blog.

Brook said...

This looks like SO much fun!!! We have some pretty amazing thrift stores out here in the sticks but big flea markets are rare. This blue dress is gorgeous, you have more will power than I do--I could never give it up!

caroline said...

you HAVE to keep that one


I can't believe you sold that dress when it is so perfect on you. You should definitely be your own model for your vintage shop! Are you going to the flea market with Andrew or by yourself?
Lisa & Alfie

nath said...

palpitations again! that flea looks amazing! so now right after cloning myself, i need to build a time machine...