Monday, 9 March 2009

Uetliberg and Lucerne

This weekend we were back on the Swiss sightseeing trail and went to Uetliberg on Saturday and Lucerne on Sunday. Both days were beautiful and we had a great time. Uetliberg is a mountain just about 20 minutes from Zurich that provides a great view of the city, the lake and the Alps. It was a winter wonderland but not as cold as it looked. The mountain is covered with hiking trails that serve as sled trails in the winter. How fun!

Making our way up we saw this cute red cabin in the woods.

Interesting lamp posts lined part of the trail up the mountain.

When we reached the top we saw people chilling out in chairs and at picnic tables taking in the view and soaking up the sun (the sun being a rare treat lately with all this cloudy weather we've been having).

A little boy was blowing bubbles over the outlook.

This is part of what you see once you reach the top. The city, the lake and the Alps in the background. It was beautiful.

Andrew and Lois taking in the view.

A Swiss kitty was also admiring the scenery.

Then on Sunday we went to Lucerne. Lucerne makes for a great day trip since it's only about an hour from Zurich. What a beautiful town and so easy to navigate. We got out of the train station and everything we wanted to see was basically right in front of us. The town is nestled where the Reusse River meets Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by the Alps. What more could you ask for?

This is Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe, built in 1333.

Inside the bridge are paintings depicting Lucerne's history.

Andrew looking happy in Lucerne.

The most beautiful sight was the view of the lake with the Alps in the background. These pictures really don't caputre the grand scale or beauty of the scenery. It was amazing.

Me and Lois in front of the Lake.

These little white flowers are popping up everywhere here. We're not sure what they are. Can anyone tell me? They look a little bit like bluebells but they're white. We call them white bells for now. They are so sweet. White, bell-shaped flowers. What could be more perfect for the idea of winter turning to spring? Update . . . Lene from Norway emailed me to let me know these are called Snowdrops. Thanks, Lene!

We walked up a hill leading to Museggmauer, the medieval town wall, built in the 15th century. From there you get a great view of the city.

Above is a neat conservatory on top of a house.

The view from the hill. A lot of houses had rooftop decks or patios. Can you imagine having this view every day while sipping your coffee on your rooftop patio? Ah to dream! Some people actually have that here though. (It really did look so much more impressive in person.)

We just thought this copper chimney was neat.

We're not sure what this little building was for, but it was very pretty.

To see more fun pictures, just check out what you see when you Google images of Lucerne.


Marla in Columbus said...

I think your flowers are called snowdrops, but not totally certain. Beautiful pics.

The Feathered Nest said...

What amazing photos Leigh!!! I love seeing you, Andrew and Lois in them too....everything is so beautiful ~ xxoo, Dawn


Gorgeous! What a wonderful trip you are having and what wonderful memories you are collecting.
See you soon!
Lisa & Alfie
Happy Birthday Lois!

lauren said...

Those flowers are Lily of the Valley. Did they smell VERY floral, they usually do, they give off a lot of scent for a little flower!