Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Zurich: Kanzlei Flea Market Take 3

Today is Lois' 5 month birthday! I can't believe it--5 months already! We've had a great birthday so far and plan to have our little birthday photo shoot later today (I'll post those pictures tomorrow). This morning we met Kerrin of MyKugelhopf at the B├╝rkliplatz farmer's market. What a treat! I took a few pictures at the market and will post those later this week too. In the meantime, on Saturday before we went to Uetliberg, I went to the Kanzlei Flea Market. This time I decided that I needed to focus on small stuff if I bought anything at all. I think I've reached packing capacity with my treasures so far. I may have to ship a few things though I'm trying to avoid it. Here are a few pictures from the flea market.

Did I mention that there's food at this flea market? Nothing like food (and a bathroom, which is nearby too) to keep a girl shopping.

Below is what I came home with--a black apple and some fun costume jewelry. I spotted this black apple the week before and wanted to ask the price but the vendor was in a heated argument in Italian with some other guy. This weekend I saw it first thing and went straight to his table. Again, he was in a heated argument with someone! This time I just stood there politely and held up the apple until he noticed me then I asked the price. This time I left with the black apple. I love it. I'm not sure how I'll part with it, but I bought it to sell in my etsy shop. I see brass and silver apples often, but have never seen a black one. And it reminds me of Emily of The Black Apple and her cute fashion blog.

Here's the apple with the jewelry I bought--a silver and diamond crown pendant, a bone heart ring, a glass heart pendant, a silver heart pendant (am I into hearts lately?), a lucite and diamond ring, and a silver leaf necklace.
A shiny black apple!

A pretty leaf necklace (that needs polishing).

And a modern lucite and diamond ring (well, I'm not totally sure it's lucite, but something like it).


caroline said...

happy birthday lois!! xxxoo

lauren said...

i am pretty sure i cannot live without those brown bow shoes!! holy cute!!

nath said...

oh blimey, again, i want the thing that Lauren likes too! those shiny brown bow shoes are quite the thing. aaaw!