Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bracki Bags

Yesterday on the way home from the grocery store Lois and I strolled into the Bracki just for a fun peek. It's conveniently right next to the grocery store, which is conveniently right down the street from us. Holy handbag heaven! I went to the purse section just to see if anything was new from last week and they must have unloaded a truck of just handbags. Me and two other girls were giggling in the bag isle for about 10 minutes. They speak German (or Swiss German, I guess) and I speak English, but yesterday we spoke the same language, mostly in giddy ooohhhs and ahhhhs over sassy handbags. I tend to use the same old, plain old purses for myself, but like fun costume jewelry that I don't really wear either, I just love handbags. Here are a few that I bought to sell in my etsy shop when I get back. I also took some more pictures at the Bracki with my phone. I just have to decide which of the 50 or so pictures to post.

I love this burgundy bag. I found a few bags of this same brand. I think the logo is pretty interesting--an "A" with a star. Does anyone know what this brand is? I can't find any info when trying to search for it online.

My friend Connie emailed me to suggest that it might be a vintage Etienne Aigner bag. It reminded me of just their bags when I saw it, but I don't know that they ever had a logo other than the big horseshoe looking "A" . . . hmm.


Jess said...


I have just stumbled across your blog and as a huge fan of both thrift stores and handbags, i am excited for your discoveries!


cerre said...

these bags are so cute. you find such cool things!


Georgia B. said...

oh, these are great! i recently found an old leather coach—not sure how old. but i didn't care. it was too cool to pass up.