Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Santa Baby

A few days before we headed out of town I took these pictures of Lois in her Santa hat and cute crawlers. Aww, so adorable, right? I was hoping for the same sweet smile for her picture with Santa, but it just didn't turn out that way.

Today we went to see Santa, which was an adventure filled with the oh-so-fun holiday things like traffic, a packed mall parking lot, and a long Santa picture line filed with bored, whiny kids. But I was determined to get a picture of Lois with Santa even if it was a at the very last minute. Lois wore an adorable, tiny red and green polka dot dress that I bought on etsy along with her mary jane socks and her Santa hat. She looked sooo cute. Everything was going well for the first hour that we stood in line. Lois was mostly just smiling and looking around at all the mall action (well, she liked looking at the tree lights nearby at least). I was hopeful for a Gerber baby picture moment for her first Christmas.

Then just as we were getting to the head of the line, she had a meltdown. She was screaming her head off in her Santa picture! Oh well--it's still really cute (I don't have a scanner here so I can't post it to show you). But doesn't every kid have a picture with Santa where they're screaming? I have plenty of adorable pictures of her anyway. I'm sure I'll take quite a few tomorrow--baby's very first Christmas--a special day indeed (even if she doesn't know it). From me and Lois, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


collard green queen said...

She is precious!Bet she is your best present this Christmas

homework for sale said...

absolutely stunning shots!! he is so cute. a little Santa's elf))))