Monday, 17 November 2008

Old Navy for Baby

I'm trying to find a cute Christmas dress for Lois. I had an adorable red, black and yellow plaid mini skirt that I was going to put with a turtleneck and tights, but I can't find the skirt anywhere. I bought it before we even found out we were having a girl--it was that cute. So now I need to find her a little outfit for her first Christmas and for her first pictures with Santa. I love this little sweater dress above from Old Navy. And the dress below, how cute would that be with a red turtleneck? And for under $20 for both of them, the price is right since the little bundle is growing so fast. I like H & M for baby too, so I'm going to check there before deciding on the sweater dress.

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Ashanti said...

That sweater in super cute..! I too prefer Old Navy for shopping.