Tuesday, 11 November 2008

1 Month Birthday Hop Hop!

Lois has me hopping from one thing to the next. It's a whole lot harder some days to get things done with an infant. Yesterday Lois was especially fussy (she's been a lot fussier the last week or so). I needed to take her to her one month check-up at 2 and thought I'd have plenty of time to get some things done before then. She had other plans for me. I had a half made bed, a half unloaded dishwasher, half a load of clothes folded was unshowered and hadn't eaten when it was time to leave for her appointment.

I remember one Calgon take-me-away sort of day when I babysat my nephew Cash for my sister when he was a few months old. All I needed to do that day was laundry. It was probably three loads I wanted to wash. My sister dropped him off at about 7AM, and when she came to get him at 6PM, I hadn't even finished one load. And the house looked like a Babies-R-Us bomb went off--tiny socks and clothes, blankies, pacifiers, bottles, dirty diapers were everywhere. I felt like I needed a bottle of wine (yes, I meant to say bottle, not glass) and a bubble bath. Later I remember wondering how it was possible that I couldn't even finish washing one load of clothes. Now I remember clearly. But it's all worth it as you can see from the cuteness in these pictures!

My mom knitted this adorable bunny hat for Lois. I found the pattern at Noe Knit right after I found out we were having a girl. When I saw it in the window I wanted Lois to have one. She's our little bunny after all. My mom is a much better knitter than me. I'm on scarf level, but my mom can knit hats. My mom sent a note with the hat to Lois that said, "your mom asked me to make this for you." Awww, thanks mom--grandma! Now, if I could only finish her birth announcements before she's a teenager, that would be great. Here's a tip for mom's to be . . . finish ALL your birth announcements before your baby is born, especially if they are handmade and involve about 10 steps, most of which is cutting. What was I thinking?!! Uh, that I had more time then, that's what. I am determined to get them in the mail this week.


Andrew said...

You seem to have plenty of time to blog...


Leigh said...

Ha ha! I was thinking someone might say that . . . didn't think it would be her daddy though! She's taking a nap right now. Lucky me.

The Feathered Nest said...

You guys just crack me up!! Gotta love him though...

Awww Leigh. Lois is just precious...and that hat! I didn't know your mom could knit! It's just wonderful. Don't worry, those things that you can finish? Who cares! Just look at this blessing...she truly is a little angel. Did you know I'm going to me a grandma? And to a baby girl!!! Finally, pink....I so know where you are girl ~ just enjoy it. It will be gone in the blink of an eye ~ xxoo, Dawn

The Parents said...

Congratulations, what a cute kid!


OMG Andrew, did you just out Leigh? Actually, that was pretty funny! But you have to realize, Leigh was probably writing this post in her head whenever she was up during the night with Lois. You know, multi-tasking!
I need that third photo of Lois. It is just adorable.
Um, do you think your mom would make me a bunny hat? Only in black. And without ears. And about 5 times bigger? lol
Lisa & Alfie

msaims said...

i agree with the others. it's such a hard time, fussy bub, still getting to know each other, ever changing routine.(if you can even call it that...)

blogging at this time is hugely important for your sanity, to connect and to avoid feelings of isolation.

also, drink water!

oh and write a list on the fridge of all the jobs that need doing and when anyone pops in and says "what can i do?" tell them to check the list and let them pick a chore. this works for dads too.

also, repack your baby bag when you get home and take the dirty stuff out. so it will be ready to grab at a moments notice.

BTW i relate to the birth announcement thing. didn't send mine out for two months and mine were ready-made ones!

you MUST allow yourself to be selfish.

i think you are a wonderful mum.


justducky said...

Hi Leigh,
I'm loving the baby experience...it's been 25 years since my last baby, but how it all comes right back!

My unasked for advice...
(take what you want and leave the rest!)
Always eat.
The baby needs you to be ok before she can be ok. It's kind of a healthy selfish.

I was shocked to notice the instructions on a plane...if the oxygen mask drops down, give YOURSELF oxygen first, before you give it to your child.

You must be oxygenated to give the oxygen to the little one.

Same for eating.
And drinking.
And sleeping.

All the rest waits for you.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can barely stand the sweetness of these images!!!