Monday, 18 August 2008

iPhone Cozies

I've been having a lot of fun practicing making things with my new sewing machine, including making these iPhone cozies. Most are made with fabric I brought back from Japan, then a few others with some vintage barkcloth I had. They're lined, but I'm no expert yet so the seams inside are rough. With some more practice, though, I think I can get the interior seams right. A nice, soft home for my iPhone--just what it needed!


baffle said...


You can solve your rough-edged lining thusly:

Make 2 separate bags, seaming the sides and bottoms, but leaving the top edges unfinished for now.

One bag is made with the outer fabric, the other with the lining fabric.

Then turn the lining bag right side out and slip the lining bag inside the outer pouch, wrong sides together.

Finish the top of the two bags by turning the raw edges under as one and sewing together.

Another way to finish the top raw edges is to turn each one under, press flat, then hand-sew them together for a smoother top edge.

I hope these instructions make sense...sorry it's so lengthy!

porter hovey said...

Wow!! These are just tooo cute! What a creative idea. Bravo

Freshly Found said...

Lucky iPhone!

Lauren said...

I love the cozies! And am sooo impressed with your sewing skills... it's not possible that you just learned how to do this. You're a natural!