Friday, 11 July 2008


Tomorrow we're off to Atlanta for a week then to South Carolina for a week to go to the beach. We can't wait! No staycation for us (though just staying here in San Francisco would be a good one). I'll get plenty of nephew time this trip. I'll be with the boys for a whole week at the beach. Here's little Wyatt on one of his beach trips earlier this summer. He's so cute. Also, I'm looking forward to attempting to sew. My mom and aunt are going to bring their sewing machines and teach me a few things. I'll show you what I end up making if anything ends up being picture-worthy. There's no internet access at the beach, so it will be light posting for me, but maybe I'll post a few things before we get there.


marta said...

oh what a darling li'l beach baby. have a fabulous vacation, hopping from one sunny place to another! enjoy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You have a lovely blog, and Edward and I wish you a happy holiday time!

And, thanks for posting the photos of Bell'ochio! I've been dying to get there for years!