Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Cottage Project

This weekend we're headed to Atlanta and then to Edisto Beach in South Carolina for vacation. I'm so excited! Andrew's actually taking real vacation days rather than working while we're there, so it should be extra fun. One thing I want to do every time I go to my mom's is clean out her shed and make it into something like this. Isn't this little cottage shed cute? The pictures are from Victoria magazine's Romantic Country Style. It looks so like my mom's style. I showed it to her, and she really liked the idea. But it may be way too hot to even consider starting a project like this. My mom's little shed is packed with storage stuff right now and there's no AC in there, so we might pass out trying to make it into something in mid-July. Maybe we'll hit the antique mall instead to see if we can find some treasures for the shed when the time comes!


caroline said...

plus you are not allowed to lift.


I'm with Caroline on this one Leigh! However, I bet you could delegate like a pro.
Lisa & Alfie