Saturday, 19 July 2008

Plum Tree Visit

It's been a really busy (and fun) week going between my mom's, Andrew's mom's and my sister's house, and making time to see our friends, but mom and I managed to get over to the Plum Tree for a visit. It's my favorite antique shop near my mom's, and I always like to see what's new and see how Cindy's decorated the shop. The garden looks great right now, and I love the new wall colors inside--a pale grey blue in the main room and a soft chartreuse in one of the back rooms. Here are some pictures from the Plum Tree this week. (And here are some from a past visit if you want to take a peek.)

The front porch is looking festive for July.

A collection of bird prints. I love this wall color. Our bedroom used to be this color, and I miss it.

I love this mirrored mantel. I'd like to have this to go above my bed. I'm too afraid to hang anything heavy, though, because of the possibility of earthquakes!

My mom brought in this table, which I love. (My mom sells some things on consignment at the shop.)

This corner of the shop is looking appropriately summery. Ready for the beach? I think yes!

A splash of black and white--reminds me of Lisa.

And here are some pictures from the garden. I love this first pot--nice and clean--just white and green.

A cute little statue kicking back on some vintage barkcloth.

A little garden shed.

I love the "window box" Cindy made from old painted metal pots.

Garden junk. Funnel turned planter.

See you next time Plum Tree!


Fifi Flowers said...

Love the bike... it's PERFECT! I am doing a collection of bike paintings... this is another good one to add... SO GLAD I stopped by!

msaims said...

wow. some fantastic ideas for the little walkway that leads from our cafe to the restroom.
love that funnel planter!!