Friday, 6 June 2008

When in Portland (Oregon, that is)

We're heading to Portland tomorrow for a little pre-baby vacation time. We've never been there before, so if you know of any fun things to do or places to eat, let me know! A few people have given us some great ideas so far, and this NY Times article seems really helpful, but my ears are open to any suggestions. I'm really excited that we'll be staying at the Kennedy School Hotel. Click on the arrows below the main picture on their home page to see more of the hotel--neat place, huh? I read about the McMenamins Hotels a few years ago in a magazine, and ever since then I knew that if we ever went to Portland that I'd want to stay at one of their hotels. I'll probably wait till we get back to post pictures, but you'll get to see some of Portland next week.



Oh my gosh Leigh! I read about this hotel and then lost the info. Please be sure to take lots of photos. And have an absolutely wonderful time. You too & Andrew!
Lisa & Alfie

dottie said...

i was just down there for the weekend & loved every minute. i recommend visiting kenny & zukes in the pearl district for breakfast (best pastrami ever) & it's right next to the ace hotel. i found that grabbing a cup of coffee & sitting in the hotel lobby was one of my favorite things - plus you can spend some time in the photo booth.

Caitlin said...

The Kennedy School is really close to Alberta, which has a bunch of cute shops. They are kind of spread out along Alberta, though. Definitely check out Mississippi Ave., it's a short street, but there are some cute shops, Amnesia Brewery, and a few good restaurants. It is perpendicular to Alberta, but about 35 +/- blocks east of the K.S.

Have lots of fun! I hope the weather warms up for your visit :)

Anonymous said...

You have to go check out the doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnuts. They are truly an experience!

caroline said...

i want to stay there!!!
go to Powells book store.
1 city block of books.

Red River Interiors said...

never been to Portland either but the Kennedy School Hotel sounds great... please post pics when you return... Fay