Friday, 30 May 2008

Meet Sue Anne

Yesterday Lauren and Derek gave me an Ann Wood handmade bird! It was a very generous and thoughtful gift for helping them out a few extra days at their shoppe and for taking care of their kitties. I love Ann Wood's birds and have peeked at her site now and then for about two years, longing one day to have one of her adorable birds myself. Lauren and Derek had no idea that I love her birds, so they were really excited that I was so happy to receive it, or I should say to receive her--each bird has a name and mine is Sue Anne. She's from the "picnic friends" series. I love her. She's going to live in the baby room on the little one's dresser.


Lisa & Alfie said...

Oh Leigh,
She is so perfect for your growing family. Really, really cute! Looking forward to seeing you today.
Lisa & Alfie

Jaimee McClellan said...

What a sweet little picnic-y bird. I have an affinity for woodland creatures, especially birdies. What a nice gift!

Have you ever seen the work of Lauren Alane? (
I think you'd really enjoy her work.

My Notting Hill said...

That little bird is so cute! Thanks for the link to the site.