Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Tsukiji Fish Market

This morning we went to the Tsukiji fish market. It was crazy! From the pictures you can't tell what a madhouse it was, but trust me, it's a miracle we made it out alive. It was a very stressful outing, but totally worth going. The stress had nothing to do with the fish or the people shopping, but was all due to the guys on these little utility carts rushing around the isles in all directions to re-stock their spaces. But we got to see lots of interesting looking fish and a whole lot of things I couldn't possibly identify. We also ate lunch (well, it was 8AM, so breakfast) at a really yummy noodle stand outside the market. If you're squeamish about fish guts and the like, you might want to skip this post.

These guys almost mowed us over at every turn. You gotta watch out for them!



Big scary fish head.

Funky striped shrimp-like critters.

There's a farmer's market right down the street from the fish market with lots of produce, more fish, and all kinds of neat packaged goods.

Our soba noodle bowl with shrimp.

The woman on the fry side of the of the itsy bitsy kitchen who cooked our shrimp.


Red River Interiors said...

Loved looking at all of your pictures from your trip to Japan. I found the fabric store pictures especially inviting...I also love fabric and would have a hard time choosing with as many options as you described...Can't wait to see more... Fay

willow said...

That soup looks amazing...I want some right now! I'm surprised you made it through the fishmarket without a squimish stomach in your present condition. ;)

Leigh said...

My stomach was churning a little! I didn't want to be rude and hold my nose with my hand, so I just tried to breath through my mouth! It didn't smell bad, but it did smell strong, if that makes sense.