Friday, 4 April 2008

Our Hotel in Tokyo: The Cerulean Tower

I'm not too picky about hotels, but I can't say I mind a super nice one, especially during an extended stay. Our hotel is amazing, so I thought I'd give you a peek. I feel lucky when I get a comfortable bed and pillows (I am picky about pillows), but here, everything is comfortable, clean, modern and just overall great. Even the food at the main hotel restaurant is terrific (it's one of 5 restaurants in the hotel). There's also a gym, a heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, and sauna to mention a few perks. To use those, though, it costs $21 per day! So we're not working out or swimming. But if you ever come to Tokyo, I would recommend The Cerulean if your budget allows for it. Ours normally wouldn't--at least not for more than a few nights. It is pricey, but Andrew gets a corporate rate through his company, and his company is paying the bill anyway since he's here for work. The hotel is so nice that I actually feel a little guilty--I don't deserve this! You won't see pictures of our room here, though, because I haven't been able to to get good ones the last few tries, but you can see the rooms on their web site (our room is a queen double, with the two windows, which you can see there).

When you first walk into the hotel, you see the gift shop. Most hotel gift shops I've seen are pretty terrible and carry mostly touristy stuff, but this gift shop is just like a nice neighborhood boutique with housewares, clothes, bags, books, and bath goods. They also have really great vintage furniture and vintage books. I'm not sure if the furniture is for sale, but the books are. I only got this one picture. They asked me not to take more! Normally I ask if I can take pictures in shops, but since this was in the hotel, I just went for it. I probably should have asked.

Tea and a Manhattan in the lounge. The view is really dramatic from the main lounge. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji along with the rest of the Tokyo skyline. This particular evening it was cloudy so we didn't get a picture of the view.

The lobby and the lobby lounge.

The front desk.

Our first two nights here we stayed on the executive floor because they didn't have any other rooms available on those nights. A delicious breakfast is included if you have an executive room, so we got to enjoy the fancy breakfast the first two mornings.

These are the cutest tomatoes I've ever seen, and they were on the vine! A tiny little vine.

Pastries! Yum.

One of the private dining rooms.

Magazines in the lounge.

These three pictures are from the executive lounge, but the other lounges are just as nice.

I like our "do not disturb" button. And I like the doorbell. Bing bong!


Susan said...

I just came across your blog via bloesem. Your posts about Tokyo are fantastic. I so have wanted to go & even more so after reading about those amazing fabric shops:)

Michelle said...

Freaking A, WOW, and you can't have any saki cuz you preggers. BUMMER. I am so loving these pics, this is so cool! I am forwarding them to O, so now we are BOTH jealous.

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