Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tokyo Shopping

In Shibuya, where we're staying, there's lots of shopping but most of it is the big box, mall type shopping, and I was hoping to find more boutique type shops while I am here. Lauren let me borrow one of her Japanese magazines that lists lots of great shops, so I thought I'd try to find some of them. It's hard for me, though, when everything in the magazine is in Japanese. I met a really nice girl on etsy who lives here, Frances, who I wrote before I came here asking her suggestions for fabric and craft stores. She gave me the Yuzawaya tip and told me of a few other places as well. I sent her links for a few of the stores in this magazine, and she told me how to find them! The one I want to go to most, Orner, is the farthest away, near Kyoto, but we're going there for the weekend, so I might be able to find it (click on the link to see what they have--so many great things!). Frances and I spent the afternoon together yesterday in Jiyugaoka, a nice neighborhood with a lot of great shops. My camera was being fussy, and I didn't fix it until I got home so I didn't get any pictures so I'll have to go back before I leave to show you what I found. I could have spent hundreds of dollars easily (that is if I had hundreds of extra dollars), but I only got a few small things. I did get one little lamb for baby-to-be. It is soooo soft. I slept with it by my bed last night.

The pictures are fun to look at even though I can't read the words. See the cute faux lace green bike basket? That's featured in Domino this month on the last page of the magazine. I saw it in a store here as well. If I had a bike, I'd want one of those.

This is the store I want to go to most, Orner. Click on the categories to the left and you'll see why.

Another shop I'd like to visit.

Aww, little lamb for baby. At least I think it's supposed to be a lamb. They had a mouse too, which looked more mouse-like than this lamb even though this could be a mouse too, I guess.

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