Wednesday, 9 April 2008


On my second trip to Yuzawaya (the amazing craft store), I decided to take some time to explore the area, Kichijoji. I was too worn out to go anyplace else after the first go-round at Yuzawaya, and I still haven't seen everything there! I'll be going back again before I have to leave. But on this second trip I made it outside the store walls and walked along the narrow side streets of Kichijoji, which are filled with shops and restaurants. It's a nice little area, so if you go to Yuzawaya, it's fun to walk around the town. Here's some of what you'll find in Kichijoji.

A cute restaurant.

A gift shop.

A plant and flower stand. Next to this was a crepe stand. I got a banana, chocolate and vanilla ice cream crepe. It was really good! I meant to get a hot banana, chocolate and whipped cream crepe, but I guess I communicated the wrong thing. Not the first time that has happened, but no biggie, crepe-wise.

Fresh squeezed juice stand.

Cute dresses.

A bookstore with a mural out front.


be*mused jan said...

If you return to Kichijoji, make sure to check out the fabric shop, Cottonfield. I can't find the online map, but Google Kichijoji and Cottonfield for more info. It's a *don't miss* if you're interested in contemporary Japanese fabric.

Mirka said...

Hi Leigh! I found your blog via Bloesem and you have so many interesting things here! I especially love your notes on the trip to Tokyo and I am going to read them all with time and attention. I will go to Tokyo in July and your notes are very helpful for me as well, so thanks! : ) I´ll come back for more. Greetings from Finland to you! Mirka

Leigh said...

Jan, thanks for the tip on the other fabric store. I will try to go next week!