Thursday, 1 May 2008

Fun at Home

I had a great time in Atlanta seeing my mom, sister and nephews! Andrew had the good camera with him in Japan so I brought our little point and shoot digital camera. It's good, too, but not nearly as good as the other one, and a lot of my pictures are blurry, too bright and just not very good, so I don't have much to report from home in the picture department. My nephews are cute no matter what though! Cash is the older one, and Wyatt is the little one. My sister asked Cash what he thought I was having, a boy or a girl (he knows there's a baby in my belly even though I don't think he understands that). He said a boy. We asked what its name should be, and he said, "grandma!" We were cracking up when he said this! He loves his grandma. And he loves kisses. What boy doesn't?

Here's the little one, Wyatt, playing in the dirt.

Other than hanging out with the boys, we also went to the Inman Park festival. It was great, but when we headed out for the day, I checked my camera to make sure it was charged enough, and it had three bars, so I thought that would be good for the day. Before we got to the festival I took a short video of my nephews (the camera also does video) and then it went down to no bars and shut off! I was able to get just a few pictures of my friend Shelley's booth at the festival before the camera officially died for the day. Shelley makes super cute vintage button jewelry and headbands and aprons from vintage fabrics and tea towels. I loved the way she displayed her hairpins on vintage cards.

I had a great time. Next time I go to Atlanta, I hope to show you more.


willow said...

Awww...that little Cash is a cutie...he looks a lot like his auntie! :)

dailydesignspot said...

cute kids.. love his answer! i love my nan as well!

jenny said...

just curious...whats his grandma's name???
maybe he has a great idea?