Thursday, 13 March 2008

And We're Off . . .

. . . to Japan! We're heading to Tokyo (and later to Singapore) on the 27th! Andrew has to go there for work, and I'm tagging along for a few weeks. I've been hush hush about it because things are always changing so much and so quickly with Andrew's work. But tonight we finally got our plane tickets. I'm so excited! It will be cherry blossom season, and the pictures I've seen look so beautiful. Andrew's been to Japan before, and he says I'll love it. He said among other things, "everything's cute and little." I definitely like cute and little. Japanese crafts, fabrics, markets, food, sights, gadgets, fashion . . . . I'm looking forward to all of it. I even found a list of some Tokyo flea markets. I'm in for a real treat. Last year it was Dublin and London (before I was blogging). This trip, though, I'll have all kinds of neat things to share with you while I'm gone. If anyone has any Japan tips--things to do, places to go, etc., let me know!

PS. I'll post my Pickled Hutch picks tomorrow night!


willowmanor said...'re going to love Japan. I spent a summer there years ago. Kyoto is a must..lovely city. I spent most of my time in Kagoshima on the southern tip, near the beautiful Sakurajima volcanic mountain. Happy travels and be sure to fill us in on all the wonderful details when you return! Take lots of pix :)

caroline said...

that photo is stunning!

For Love of Home said...

Wow, you are finally going. The picture looks wonderful, so clean and beautiful. I can't wait to see what great things you find there and look forward to reading all about it while you're gone.
Have fun

Suzy said...

I wish I'd found your blog earlier...I lived in Tokyo for 3 years and could have given you a few tips, but by the looks of your posts you had a great time and manged to do quite a lot!