Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pickled Hutch Picks of the Week - 2/27

I love my Pickled Hutch picks this week! Well, I always love them, but this week, Julie, someone who's starting to sell her things at the Hutch filled the garden cottage with all kinds of great things. Here are a few of them. Julie just brought these in, so some of them aren't priced yet, but I still wanted to show them.

I love this vase! It's so heavy. I love the color and the shape.

I'm crazy about this metal cart. I actually have it on hold until Julie gets back to me about it. I have the perfect idea for the cart, which I'll tell you about when I find out if I'm going to get it.

Chippy green metal brackets. All you need is a board to go on top.

The Pickled Hutch is an antique store in San Francisco that I love. Every Wednesday I pick three items to post on my blog that I especially like. The Pickled Hutch is located at 1605 Church Street, San Francisco, CA. Open Wed. to Sun. 11 - 6. PH 415-641-8875. Ask for Lisa.


Jaimee McClellan said...

I SOOO wish I lived in your area. I check out your Pickled Hutch picks every week and love everything.

Freshly Found said...

I aggree with you about the vase! And the trolley is delightful too!

willowmanor said...

I'll have to agree, your picks are great! I had a favorite place like yours that closed and now I am in withdrawl. Just found your wonderful site today...I'll drop by again.

For Love of Home said...

Oooooohhhhh, I love the green brackets they are too cool! Wish I lived close by so I could shop there.

caroline said...

did you get the cart? and for what i think you got it for?