Sunday, 20 January 2008

Flea Market Outing

This morning I went to the Alemany flea market and had a great time. Just a few minutes out the door, I thought, oh no, I have to pee and I'm suddenly hungry. Crap. I thought for sure I wouldn't last more than 15 minutes at the flea market. Two hours later, I got back in the car and only then remembered that I had to pee and was starving! My flea market high kicked in as soon as I got there, and so I forgot about all physical discomfort. I love going to the flea market. The pickaxe turned paint brush holder is one of my favorite things I saw today. I love seeing how people re-purpose everyday (and not so everyday) things. Even though it wasn't actually turned into anything totally different, I like the way it was used.  It made me think of my friend Paula, who I'll tell you about soon. She's the queen of re-purposing cool industrial and architectural pieces. Below are a few other random things I saw.

A few things I bought . . . . I got this Wonder Pen kit for my friend Lauren. I think she'll like it.

I broke down and bought my very first lady head vase! It was $20, but I've seen them anywhere from $25 and up and up, so I went ahead and got her. She's soaking in the sink right now. A dirty girl, she is.
Then I got this little dish. I like the print. It reminded me of Amy Butler's fabrics. And that's all I got today. I could have filled up the car and then some, but I held back and still had a great time.


Anna Spiro said...

Wow you got some great things - love the head vase of course!!

lori marie said...

looks like the perfect day:) i'm loving your lady head vase!


Mitzi said...

I am so jealous of anyone who can go to a flea market in January! Here in Ohio it's thrift shops and the occasional estate sale for the whole winter, until the "season" starts again in April.

It's funny you mention Amy Butler, I just read about her in Country Living and she is right here in Columbus - my neighbor I never knew about! She is great, and I'm always inspired by people who have turned what they love into a successful business. I also love her phrase "Midwest Modern"!

John said...

What flea market??? Please share your secrets.

Leigh said...

John, sorry about that. I was at the Alemany flea market in San Francisco. I added the link.

Joanna Goddard said...

great finds! xo

tongue in cheek said...

Lucky you! I love your photos, going to the flea market is like being in paradise!

Mélanie said...

I love this iron garden chairs! Look great