Friday, 26 October 2007

Songs of Mass Destruction

As a big Annie Lennox fan, I was super excited to buy her new CD today, Songs of Mass Destruction. She's rock, she's roll, she's pop and soul, and I love all the albums I have of hers, especially Diva and now Songs of Mass Destruction. Today I'm particularly drawn to some of the darker songs on the album: "Dark Road," "Smithereens," and "Lost." With the exception of three songs I'm not terribly crazy about, I love the whole album. Actually, I can't tell you how much I love it. I've been listening to it over and over today and seem to like it more and more with each play. Check out a bit of it for yourself. Here's the video for "Dark Road" below, or go to her web site where you can hear the song there while looking at an adorable ivy covered house on the home page. (Sometimes I feel like watching a video distracts me from actually hearing the lyrics and also informs my thoughts on the lyrics before I've had time to make up my own mind about them. So if you feel like that too, listen to it on her web site instead of watching the video below.) Also, I liked listening to her thoughts on the album, which you can hear on YouTube. I can't believe I missed her in concert here on the 10th, but if you're in Atlanta and interested in seeing her in concert, she's playing on Monday. Tickets are still available.


The Pickled Hutch said...

She sings with every emotional fiber in her body and her songs are just heartbreakingingly beautiful.
I have been listening back to back as well!

erinn said...

I never liked her much, but then I saw her perform in Central Park one summer and was totally hooked. Her music is mezmerizing.

dawn said...

i love annie.
love your site & bangs, too. :)