Thursday, 9 August 2007

Found on the Street

This was one of the first found on the street, trash to treasure types of things I dragged home, and it's one of my favorite things--for free! I was on a walk in our old neighborhood, East Lake, in Atlanta when I saw some random things piled up next to someone's trash can, and this chair was one of those things. I thought, for sure they're not throwing that away! You can never be too sure, so I knocked on the door and said, "are you throwing that chair away?" The guy responded, "yes." Yay for me! I asked if I could take it home. He gave me an odd look and said, "sure, if you want to." My mom gave me this great, colorful, silk, little round pillow that I use as a seat cushion. I love it and it looks perfect in my "studio" aka the guest bedroom.

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