Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Home Stretch

I'm almost finished with my Anthropologie holiday order, whew! I love buttons, but I'll be happy not to see them for a few weeks. Somehow I managed to get a ton of red, white and blue buttons. Even though the buyer knows that all the buttons will be different, they're likely to think I'm shooting for patriotic holiday theme. Luckily, though, I have some yellow and green buttons from ebay on the way. Here's a picture of the pile o' buttons. I have to break up the order in sections so I don't feel overwhelmed. I grab a pile of 100 printed cards, break those into smaller piles of 20, then line up 20 sets of three buttons--three for each "ornament" on the card. Then I glue on the buttons and the hooks. I pack up cards in their sleeves right before I ship them, so that will be next week's work. I made the mitten cards they ordered in sections as well. Those took even longer because I had to trace out all the mittens, cut them, then glue them on with their pom poms. I'll post a picture of those along with the button cards on the big day, shipping day that is, 8/31!

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caroline said...

yay for you!
been workin hard...