Monday, 20 August 2007

Edge of Urge

As a big fan of small houses, I don't think I'd ever have to learn to love having a small house over a big house, but I love the sentiment on this shirt ("learn to love it") by Edge of Urge. So cute. So many people seem to feel the need for a big o'l house. I totally understand needing a little more space (that'd be nice even now), but I'll never want to live in a house where rooms sit empty because there are just so many of them. I like a house where all the rooms are lived in. In addition to the cute tees at Edge of Urge, you'll find a great clothing line of dresses and mix and match swimsuits. Her clothes are so simple and elegant and look so comfortable all at the same time. A perfect match: elegant and comfortable! Cute web site too, designed by Bess--click on the birdie.

Images courtesy of Edge of Urge

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