Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Lovely Little Thing

The past few weeks have creeped along, as days seem to do here in January and February but in the last week or so I've felt a noticeable change of the pep in my step with the days becoming longer. It makes such a huge difference to me when it's not completely dark at 4:30pm! Light! Bring on the SUN! Ahhhh. Keeping busy is the best cure for the winter blues, I think. I finished reading Life After Life, which was wonderful. I've also been doing the usual crafting. Finally finished a simple scarf and now I've started sewing the quart coat but I probably should have done that in the autumn because now I'm feeling a bit over winter and would rather sew summer dresses. I made a detour for a while to make some of the Purl Soho City Gym Shorts. Love those, but I must finish the coat! I also have a few little Easter dresses in the works for the girls. AND it does help to have some lovely press about your life and work from wonderful magazines to get you through a winter funk.
I'm really happy to have been featured in the current issue of Mollie Makes and in a stunning Chinese magazine called Little Thing. Just look at the top image of the amazing pop-up cut out illustration in issue 43 of Little Thing! I had read about Little Thing on blogs and enjoyed browsing through issues at Jessie Chorley's shop when I saw them there last time I was at her shop. And so I was over the moon when a great inspiration to me, stylist Emily Chalmers (who is responsible for much of my decorating book collection), wrote to me to ask if she could write an article on me for Little Thing! YES, of course, I told her! Each issue has a theme and this one is illustration. While I'm not an illustrator, Emily felt some aspects of my crafts and my book would fit well with the issue.
So... the issue is out now and when I opened the magazine to my page I was surprised to see the feature was so long, 6 pages. Although the magazine is in Chinese, it's beautiful to look at and the links to people's web sites are written in English so you can still look things and people up that interest you. 
Below are just a few more images from the magazine. It's ruly a pleasure to look through even if you can't read the text. If it is not sold where you live, you can order from the Little Thing web site

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Thrifted Treasure said...

I'm the same, I live for the longer evenings once the novelty of Winter has worn off!!