Thursday 3 April 2008


I thought Tomato was unbelievable, but yesterday I think found the mothership of all craft and fabric stores in Tokyo: Yuzawaya. This place was off the hook! (And there are multiple locations--see the comments for info.) I don't normally say that, but well, it was. They'll be busy tonight mopping up my drool off the 5 out of 7 floors I made it to. If I ever come back to Tokyo and just have time for one fabric / craft store, this will be the one I visit for sure. Tomato was amazing too, but it's a little cramped and most of their stock is on the huge, long type bolts so it's hard to see and reach things. Besides that, Yuzawaya has a lot more variety in the cotton prints, which is mostly what I use. I've seen some of what they carry at Superbuzzy online (my favorite online fabric store), but seeing them in person along with so many other super cute prints was great. Yuzawaya also has a ton of ribbon and notions--buttons and trim galore. And yarn! Holy cow, rows and rows and rows of yarn. They also have art supplies, paper and stationery of all kinds, kitchen and storage stuff, cute craft kits and more. I didn't reach the top two floors so I don't know what surprises await up there. Thanks to Matatabi for telling me about the store and giving me such specific directions. I'm not sure I would have found the right train without her help! I can't wait to go back to Yuzawaya. Click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

All kinds of cute craft kits, including the one you see at the top of this post.

More Japanese paper than I've ever seen. This is about a quarter of one row. There were two rows, front and back. I've never seen Japanese paper in a craft store on display folded like this, but maybe it unfolds nicely.

You can see how they display most fabric here--with samples you can unfold on top and the corresponding bolts below--very smart.

The ribbon selection, just like everything else here, was great. Rows and rows of different types of ribbon. I loved this two-toned stripe grosgrain ribbon. They had it in a whole bunch of color combinations--red with pink, blue with aqua, hot pink with white . . . .

Rows and rows of trim.

Lots of yarn of all kinds.

This is about 1/10 of the yarn area.

Silks! These were some of my favorites. So beautiful! Below are close-ups of a few I especially liked. These were very expensive--$24-$30 per meter.

My favorite kind of fabric--cute cotton prints! Perfect for party hats. The fabric selection here is incredible. It is HUGE. Soooooo much fabric, and all kinds! This is just a very, very small sampling of some things I liked.

Beyond fabric, they have art supplies and paper everything. They had a section of really cute, little paper bags.

Neat office supplies. Cute push pins.

Colored tape! I think they must love colored tape here. I've seen a lot of it in each of the three craft stores I've been to so far.

More cute tape.

All kinds of cute kid's art supplies.

Japanese craft books.

Gocco supplies!

Lots o' paper.

Need a colored pencil? How about a pen? There were two big rows of each.

More art supplies.

Here are the few things I got yesterday. I'll be back for more, but this was a start.

And some stationery packs for friends and family. I brought home a few other things, but I don't want to show everything, otherwise it would spoil my little Japanese gift surprises for a few people!


Jaimee McClellan said...

Wow, I'd be in heaven in those fabric shops! So many beautiful patterns.

Tina said...

WOW! That's an amazing store. I'd never want to leave.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible place! I'm sure I would blow all of my money at once if I was there! Thanks so much for sharing all of these fun photos.

Anonymous said...

oh my! I think my head would just implode trying to make a decision over what to buy let alone my credit card balance! thanks for allowing us to vicariously shop :-)

caroline said...

this whole craft, paper, fabric post? killin me.

dailydesignspot said...

amazing!! it has a perfect name too!! how were the prices?

Leigh said...

The prices were pretty average--it just depended on what it was. A yard of fabric (or meter here) was about $6-9 for most of the fabrics I was looking at.

lori marie said...

unbelievable! i would go there just for this store!


Jes said...

What a wounderful store!!!! like a childe in a candy shop :) I like your blogg I´l come back :)

Anonymous said...

omg... this is so wonderful
iwould stuck ther like forever....

mummyJOI said...


Please tell me the address of this Yuzawaya Store in Tokyo. I am visiting in May!


Leigh said...

Hi Joy, I'm not able to get an email address for you from your link, so I'll respond here and hope you check back. I don't remember the address for Yuzawaya, but it's in Kichijoji which is about 20 minutes by express train from Shibuya. Once you get off the train, there is a stairway leading up (next to a donut stand and a starbucks) that takes you directly into the store. It will take you into a floor that has lingerie and you'll probably think you're in the wrong place at first, but that's it. You can search a translated version of their web page too by clicking on the Yuzawaya link in my post, and copy and paste it into Google translate. Hope that info helps!

Anonymous said...

There's more than one Yuzawaya store near Tokyo! From Yokohama, take the Sotetsu line to Yamato Station (25 minutes on the train)--there's one right outside the station (I think it's outside the North exit)--we're talking 5 floors of supplies!

Here's a great train route finder in English:

Type in your starting and ending station and the times you want to arrive/depart. Enjoy!

Laurie :-)

Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Actually, Yuzawaya has multiple outlets, including some not in Tokyo. I haven't checked it out yet, but definitely plan to (I was unaware of it's existence until today - I saw someone carrying a Yuzawaya bag, which features a knitting sheep).

Katie said...

Oops - meant to leave the URL for all the store locations!

Danisidhe said...

A friend took me to a Yuzawaya in Tokyo and it was 10 BUILDINGS of 5 floors each. A whole district of arts and crafts supplies.

Def worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

wow it's such a nice site! I just came back from Osaka and found some nice shops too but compared to Yuzawaya these were nothing. Could you give me a description how to get there? Is it nearby Takashimaya department store? I'm an airhostess for KLM and love crafting and as you probably can imagine i would love to visit this store!
Thank you very much, Kirsten Beuker