Sunday, 22 February 2015


This past week has been a bit tiring. Lois was out of school for half term and Andrew and Ellie have been ill most of the week. Lois has two speeds: high and off, so between her energy level and their colds, it was not the easiest of weeks! We did make our ice cream sandwiches on Monday, though, which was (mostly) fun. We made this recipe again. They are quite tasty and really cute too! 

We used stardust and glitter strands to decorate the sides. I love it here in the UK that so many food brands have much dreamier names than their US equivalents. There, the stardust would likely be "colored edible glitter" and the glitter strands "sprinkles." I prefer stardust and glitter strands! If I ever have my ice cream business, I think I'll have some stardust and glitter strands on hand. And my ice cream dress, and I think this pattern would make a good one for scooping as well! 
Our girls LOVE to help do anything, which is often not helpful at all, but you gotta let them do it. When the kitchen goes into full explosion mode, which it did soon after these photos, I try to remind myself that this is just a sliver of time in life and they will be grown before I know it. Like stardust, just a scattered remanent in my memory of days gone by. So, when they and the kitchen were covered in chocolate, I tried to take a deep breath and remind myself it's only stuff to clean up, and more importantly that it was super fun for them to make a complete mess! We didn't just make messes this week though. We actually did a lot of fun things, including an outing to the Tower of London and to the Surrey Docks Farm. You can see a bit from those outings and more of what we've been up to in my instagram


Kathryn said...

Sounds like a hectic week, I hope your children are fully recovered now. Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious!

Thrifted Treasure said...

:-) Sometimes the messy, stay at home days are the best, and probably the ones they'll remember the most when they're older :-)

sarah lee said...
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Leslie Lim said...

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