Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pistachio and Rosewater Meringues

Earlier this week I decided I wanted to make meringues. Inspired by a few ideas Beatrice has for our upcoming food styling and photography workshop, I thought I'd make some for practice and just for fun. I love meringues but I had never actually made them before. I decided to turn to a meringue pro for the recipe.

If you've ever walked by an Ottolenghi in London, you've probably seen the mouth watering, huge towers of meringues in the window. From my Ottolenghi cookbook I used the pistachio and rosewater recipeand they were as good as I had hoped. If you're in the mood for making a meringue for pavlova or Eton mess, I'd definitely recommend these. I served mine sort of Eton mess style (but not quite so messy) with whipped cream and blackberries. Delicious!


Thrifted Treasure said...

They look delicious and your photos are stunning!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Omygoodness Leigh!!! I've been away so very long! Your meringues are beautiful and your PHOTOS??? GORGEOUS! Please share what camera you now have...not saying it's the camera but I so need a new one ~ I hope you and your precious family are doing so good! xxoo, Dawn

Leigh said...

Hi Dawn, thanks! I use a Canon 7D and for these photos used a Canon f1.2 lens and a Sigma 2.8 macro lens which is really nice for close up images of food and a lot of other things as well. If you don't already have one, I think you'd like a macro as well for close detail images of your work! I used a macro lens for a number of these images here, just to give you an idea: http://foundnowhome.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/new-from-jessie-chorley.html