Monday, 19 May 2014

How Fabric Is Made

This week the fabric label Cotton and Steel revealed their first collection at quilt market. Headed up by Melody Miller whose own line of fabrics has been so popular in recent years, Cotton and Steel is a new kind of fabric company, which includes designers Melody MillerSarah WattsRashida Coleman-Hale, Kim Kight, and Alexia AbeggBefore starting C&S, Melody considered what wanted to do next. She had an idea for a unique fabric company, one that was collaborative and would highlight various designers' individual styles while also working well as a comprehensive line of fabrics. She approached RJR fabrics who loved her idea agreed to produce it. The result looks great from what I've seen on their instagramThis video is a wonderful introduction to C&S. They recently also released a behind the scenes look at how their fabric is made in Japan. I love fabric, and I love to see how things are made. I think most of us often take for granted how and where things are made, as if we're so detached from how things are produced that they just appear like magic in stores. I found this brief look into how C&S fabric is made very inspiring and thought you might enjoy it too. I'm looking forward to seeing Cotton and Steel fabrics in stores soon. (Images here from the C&S instagram feed.)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cottage Hideaway

This morning when I woke up, I was scanning my Pinterest for a few minutes before I knew Lois and Ellie would wake up (a rare occurrence for me to be up before Lois). Lying in bed, I was looking over at our desk and the area around it in the corner of our bedroom, which needs a lot of work. I wanted to look at some office inspiration photos while looking over at the desk, but of course it's Pinterest so I got a little sidetracked and found this adorable cottage hideaway on the Isle of Wight instead.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Just Keep Sewing

Lately I feel like every day goes by in a flash. I guess that's a good thing though! Though don't have a regular full-time job, I feel much busier than when I did have one. Not that having children isn't a full-time job, but really I only have Ellie 3 days a week now since Lois is in school and Ellie goes to nursery. Still, somehow I always feel frantic trying to squeeze all my need-to-dos and want-to-dos. And I'm almost always vacuuming regardless of what needs doing. I swear I'm attached to that thing. But of course I can usually manage to cram in some want-to-do time like making a visit to Sew Over It.