Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Selvedge Report

Two weeks ago I went to the Selvedge Fair and had a wonderful time. I love the Selvedge fair! I'm sorry I'm only now getting around to posting photos. It's been a bit busy around here as I imagine it is for most people this time of year. Selvedge is more in the art category in my mind as far as art and craft fairs go. I marveled at the craftsmanship and the amount of thought and time that must have gone into so many of the beautiful creations I saw. I left feeling incredibly impressed and inspired by so much of what I saw there.

Unlike many craft fairs where I feel like I see the same types of trendy things over and over again, at the Selvedge Fair I always feel like I see very original works. This particular time around I was most taken by so many beautiful dolls and soft creatures. I'm sort of goofy in love with Jess Quinn's work, so I'll start with her dolls. I actually feel my heart start to speed up when I see her work up close and personal! Sort of like the rush of being at a concert of a favorite band. I love their clothes, their faces, their hair! These first three photos below are Jess Quinn's work.
But there were many other dolls and soft creatures I liked. These dolls below have great personality in their facial expressions in the way their features are embroidered. I'm pretty sure these are from Studio Bobbin. They don't have a link posted in the Selvedge catalog, but one person in their collective is Laura Baxter
Another beautiful little creation is this fairy from Hollywell Designs (no web site listed in the catalog.) Part of what makes them so amazing is they are tiny like you'd imagine real fairies would be. They were about 3 inches tall and the woman who makes them even sews the legs and turns them out. I can barely turn out a regular size doll leg! Such sweet fairies. 
And there were many amazing creatures like these below from Emma CockerAgain, here I was so impressed with their clothes. She also knits their cardigans. 
Some more impressive creatures with incredible wardrobes from A Threadbear Production
I was a little transfixed by the dolls but there was also a lot of beautiful jewelry, like these earrings below from Ali Embers, who crochets much of her work. The wool she uses must be so tiny. I can't imagine crocheting something so thin and she must have a teensy crochet hook!

And below a few other things I liked... I must look up who made these pouches as I can't find it right now but will add a link when I do. And some cute illustrated brooches from Sarah Strachan, paper flowers from Gentlework, a sweet bunny in a wee bed from bobob, and brooches from Jessie Chorley.
 I'm looking forward to the Selvedge spring fair already!  

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