Thursday, 26 September 2013

Easy as Pie

I love Alicia Paulson's blog. It's one of my favorite blogs. She's a great inspiration to me. I don't read many blogs regularly these days because my time is limited and there are just so many lovely blogs. But hers has stuck with me. It's the sort of blog I read and always feel inspired by afterwards. She just has a special, and very consistent, way of capturing ordinary everyday life in a beautiful way. Every once in a while I'll read about something she cooks and I get the urge to make it right away. Like Tuesday, right after I read her blog post, I had to make this apple pie asap!
So that's what I did. Sour cream apple pie. Yum. It was very good. Here's the recipe. I used pink lady apples because I like pink lady apples. Also, I used store bought crust, which wasn't the best, but it was still good. The filling was great. Nice and custardy, and I loved the cinnamon sugar top. Put this one in your recipe box for an easy, delicious pie.


Julia said...

It looks delicious! Alicia's blog is a long-time favorite of mine, too.

Artemis Russell said...

Oh I love her blog too, such beautiful photos! and her little girl was born on the same day as Pehr, so I always love catching up with how she's doing.

Btw, I will email you today...when I get few minutes!

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog, it really is lovely and I am going to try you recipes. Ann