Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wowzer Trousers!

I've still been stitching up a storm. My blog seems to be turning into a sewing blog. But that's mostly what I've been up to, so that's what I have to share with you! Recently I took another class at Sew Over It, their ultimate trouser class (still a little odd and formal-sounding to refer to what I think of as "pants" as trousers, but, well, pants here are underwear, so I'll stick to trousers). My instructor was Dominique, the same instructor I had last time. I decided to use some vintage fabric I already had since I figured the first pair wouldn't be perfect (if wearable at all!) but they turned out really well! The class was fun and these trousers were easy to make.
Well I should say they were easy with an instructor to guide me! I imagine mine would have been a mess if I had tried to make them myself. They are simple trousers really--no pockets, no waistband or belt loops, and they aren't lined but they are a great classic shape and can be customized to various styles. They can be long, cropped short, wide leg or skinny leg, and high or low waisted, and you can use the pattern to make shorts. I decided to do mine with skinny(ish) legs and cropped. In the class we used sample trousers in various sizes to determine which size pattern would best suit us, and then we got to tracing and cutting our individual patterns. From there Dominique guided us each step of the way as we sewed and made various alterations to get a good fit. I love my trousers! I still can't believe they actually fit well. It's very empowering to have made a wearable article of clothing. Most of us take our clothes for granted--how they're made, who makes them, what goes into making them, etc. I think everyone should attempt making at least one article of clothing in their life and classes like the ones at Sew Over It are perfect for learning to sew clothes. I'm excited to make more and to make a few pairs of shorts as well. Here are some photos from class and some photos of my trousers. You can see more photos of Sew Over It from a previous post here.
Above, my wonderful instructor Dominique, and below photos from cutting and stitching and sewing in class. 
A few closer photos after I got home of the outside and inside seams. 
Me in class trying them on! 
Right after I got home, trying them on again! It's not easy to get a full image at home in the mirror as our bathtub is in the way. 
And me modeling them yesterday. 
Yay! Trousers! Yesterday Lois helped me pick out some fabric to make more. 

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Edith said...

You can be proud, even SUPER proud.
Their are gorgeous.
I wish I can sew something like this one day...