Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wowzer Trousers!

I've still been stitching up a storm. My blog seems to be turning into a sewing blog. But that's mostly what I've been up to, so that's what I have to share with you! Recently I took another class at Sew Over It, their ultimate trouser class (still a little odd and formal-sounding to refer to what I think of as "pants" as trousers, but, well, pants here are underwear, so I'll stick to trousers). My instructor was Dominique, the same instructor I had last time. I decided to use some vintage fabric I already had since I figured the first pair wouldn't be perfect (if wearable at all!) but they turned out really well! The class was fun and these trousers were easy to make.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

For Father's Day

Andrew doesn't wear suits often, but he recently bought a new one, and a new dress shirt. But he didn't get a new tie so I thought I'd try to make one for him for Father's day. Yes, it's a bit of a lame Father's day gift. It might be the least original idea for a Father's day gift! But if it's handmade, that is something else all together, isn't it? I've been looking around for a tie pattern lately and found a few, like this one from the Coletterie blog, which I was planning on trying out until I saw that Sew Over It had a tie kit. It came with a nice dark floral print, but I decided to use some Liberty fabric I received in a bundle. I like the Liberty fabric but wasn't sure what I'd use this particular bit for. It looks nice with his new shirt, which has similar colors. It was sooooo easy to make this tie!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Fabric Happy

This week I made this skirt. Pretty cute huh? It's my first skirt with a zipper! I used a pattern from Sew Over It, the gathered skirt pattern. I don't normally like gathered skirts on me, so I'm not totally sure why I bought it except that it seemed like a good, easy project for fun zipper practice, and I really liked the sample they had in the store. But as I suspected, I don't like it on me! Update (see below)! I think I'd prefer something more flat and A-line, like this, which might be my next skirt project. It's just a bit poofy in all the wrong places. I don't want to walk around looking like a muffin top rising in the oven, and the gathers just give that poofy muffin risin' in the oven look that most of us just don't need. I imagine it would look really good on some other people, but it's just not so flattering on me. I need to take it in to Sew Over It and see if they can help me understand a few things I know I did wrong. You can't see my errors in the photo, but I did make a few that I just don't understand. I do love the fabric though!