Friday, 17 May 2013

Stitching Up

As usual I have a pile of projects in progress and even more ideas for things I want to make. But there's only so much time! Here are a few things I've made recently, well, within the last two months I guess. I wonder now if I've already posted some of these? Mommy brain. Not sure. Oh well! Most recently I've made a few make-up bags. It's my first experience inserting a zipper, which is fun and a tiny bit challenging. I'm doing it the traditional way where you sew up the seam and then unpick it. I found a few videos of shortcuts, where you just sew each side of the zip on but I figured I'd do it the way the sewing bible says to. I used Liberty fabric for the outside and some waxy, thick Lisa Stickley fabric for the lining. I love this Liberty fabric! It's HOT pink and I love the print. I used the same fabric for Ellie's birth announcement. I made this make-up bag for a friend and another one for myself (but out of a different outer fabric).
I have pieces cut to make a few more. They are lots of fun to make and pretty quick. I don't really like the stitching up part because it takes some time right at the end when you're sort of teased by what's otherwise finished. You just want it to be done! The stitching up may take time, but it's worth going slow because it can often make or break the look and quality. I didn't stitch this one up as well as I should and the zip sticks a little in a few places.
I finished some curtains for Lois's room in Liberty's quilting cotton. I lined them and used tabs to match a different panel in her room, which is made from Amy Butler fabric in a very old print. Here they are below, before I hung them. I was sort of shocked that they were the same size and actually look really nice. I'm not so great at precision sewing.
I made Ellie some more booties. I didn't take an after pic, but here they are in progress. 
I appliquéd a few onesies (or vests, as I think they're called here) for Ellie. One tulip puckered a bit, but I went with it anyway. 
And I made her a tag blankie. Babies love tags, don't they?
Here she is enjoying her onesie and her blankie. Happy girl! 
So that's a bit of what I've made lately. I hope to finish a skirt soon and a tote bag for my mom. 


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Lovely makes make lovely daughters too! ( so do I, two gorgeous ones!) :) x

Julia said...

Ellie looks so adorable in her sweet onesie and pink sweater!

Cupcake said...

Such gorgeous things!

Emmeline said...

I love my Liberty print make up bag and thank you for the onesie tulip inspiration for my little girl!