Saturday, 4 May 2013

I Scream for Ice Cream!

I love dresses. They are probably my favorite type of clothing. Every year in spring I look forward to finding one special summer dress, and I've found this year's dress! I first read about There's Only One Amy Laws in a recent issue of Pretty Nostalgic (which is a wonderful magazine, by the way). There's a nice feature showing one of her silkscreen printed umbrella dresses. I really liked the dress but what made me go to her web site was the name of her company. How great is that name? I wondered if it meant there's only one of each item she makes, or if it simply meant she's an original. In any case, the name of her company is fantastic and it made me head over to her web site. As soon as I saw her ice cream dress I knew it would be my summer dress pick for this year. I LOVE it. It's handmade, the perfect simple shape, navy with polka dots on top, and a sweet candy pink on the bottom with ice cream cones. I love that the ice cream cones are hand printed onto the fabric and that you won't find this in every Topshop on the block. It fits perfectly and is very well made. I think her prices for handmade are very reasonable as well. So much work goes into one article of clothing! Having made (just) one dress so far, I really admire anyone who makes handmade clothing. (You can see my one dress at the bottom of this post. I'm very proud of it!) Some people like to keep great things to themselves, fashion being one of them. But not me. I'm happy to share. After all, ice cream is best when it's shared. Though I'm partial to the ice cream print, Amy also has a lot of other wonderful prints and clothes for little ones too. I might have to order two mini scoop dresses for Lois and Ellie. 

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Cute and quirky.