Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And Speaking of Decorating a Child's Room...

So finally, here's a peek into Ellie's room! First, I should say that I was going for a softer, lighter look than Lois's room. Her room as always had bold, primary sorts of colors. You can see her room here. That was her room in our first place in London, so it's not her current room, but she has all the same items but in a different configuration. Also, for Ellie's room, since I was working with little to start with, I decided to consult Pinterest (of course!).
I saved a few favorite images and have been collecting things here and there that I thought would give me the same vibe. The two primary things that drew my attention most were these two images below.
I love the dark lantern shade in this first room, contrasted with the pastel colors and with the wallpaper. It seems to really pop but somehow works well. Ellie's room has one wall of wallpaper that I wasn't crazy about but decided to work with (rather than ask our landlords if we could change it). The room used to have a beige-brown-silver leaf design pendent lampshade. I went on a hunt for a darker, floral shade and did not have to go far. A gift shop right near my house called Willow was selling the exact one in my inspiration picture! I also like that it's fabric rather than paper. And then in this room below, I really like the branch on the wall. I thought it was a good way to fill up a wall and also bring in a bit of nature. And I like the pom pom garland on it.
My top favorite inspiration image though is this one below. Although Ellie's room doesn't quite have this feel, I just love it! So I'm going to work towards adding things that have a similar look... minty green, vintage art and toys, cushions, etc. So those are a few of my inspiration images. You can see all my inspiration images for kid's rooms here
And here are more snapshots in her room. I still need quite a few more things to make it cozy and finished looking, but this is a start! Below vintage books, a bunny night light and some other vintage bits I've collected. The pale blue frame still needs a photo! The one that was in it got wet. 
These shelves are above (though not directly above) her crib.  And below is the primary wall above the daybed, which we bought at Ikea. I'd like to have a bunch of cute cushions in different fabrics, but for now we just have a few. The branch I found in front of the grocery store of all places! I made the doll and made the doll swing from a hanger and washi tape. And I bought felt balls for the garland. The owl on the left is her birth announcement I made and the one on the right came with a little blankie. 
I found bunny here below at a charity shop and the bird pillow case from Zara Home. The embroidered lamb pillowcase was from a friend. 
Below is the first dress I ever made for Lois in Liberty fabric. And the mirror I love. I bought it recently from a vintage stall at our neighborhood Saturday market. The little slippers are from Laku in San Francisco. 
Below is the wall next to her daybed. I made the bunting. The growth chart I've had for forever. I'm not sure where I bought it! Probably an antique mall. And the print is from Michelle Armas, a friend in Atlanta. I love the print! It used to be in Lois's room, but works well in here. And the little knitted dress I bought recently at a charity shop. The hangers are from a friend. 
And then below are her letters I made. I love them! They are hanging from the ceiling from fishing wire  and clear tape and are about 6 inches away from the wall. They hang above her changing table. I got the idea from a display inside Liberty
So that is a start! I'll post more when I have more of it finished. Let me know what you think of it so far!


Sheridan and Rose said...

What a beautiful room, I especially love the shade and the doll on the swing, gorgeous!

Sophie x

lynn said...

Good job on your inspiration photo! It is pretty, and unusual; definitely good things in my book! A great room for a little girl!

Emily said...

Wow Leigh! The room is adorable!

Anna said...

I love what you've done with your doughter room! It is girly but not overwhelmed with pink, really stylish:)

Unknown said...

Hello, Lovely to meet you the other night and am just enjoying having a look around your blog... it's very lovely. Love your daughter's room. Especially like that you put the doll you made hanging on the hoop like a swing... quite charming. Melanie x