Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Little Gem

Today I took Lois to a cooking class in Hither Green. I knew nothing about that neighborhood other than what I could see on street view the night before, which didn't look like much. But right near her class I found a wonderful tea room-flower shop called You Don't Bring Me Flowers. I didn't even need to step inside to know I'd love it. I could tell from the outside that it would be great, with its cute terrace tables and pots of flowers and bins of books. Stepping inside was wonderful too. As soon as you walk in the door you're greeted by the wonderful smell of flowers and coffee and the sound of music like this, playing on a record player! I love the duck egg blue walls and all the mis-matched, colorful mid-century decor.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Belated Valentine's

Happy after Valentine's day day! I meant to write this post yesterday, but as is often the case, the day flew by and I didn't get to it before I was too sleepy. Ah, well, hearts are always pretty, right? And love, that's a daily thing too, or should be anyway. I really like this blog post about Valentine's day and what celebrating love and gratitude should be about. I had fun the past two weeks making heart-shaped things with Lois, most of which were edible! She loves to help in the kitchen and though it can be extra messy with her "help" and a little frustrating sometimes, I pretty much always let her help with something.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Amelia Doll

Every little girl should have a doll, shouldn't she? Above is a Claudia Laub card (which now seems to be sold by Jonathan Wright), and it's one I've had for quite a few years. I love cards and tend to collect them, in that they sort of pile up until I know just the person to give it to. I think the card is just really sweet and pretty and haven't quite had the right occasion to give it to someone until now.
I've made another "Black Apple" doll and love her! I think this doll turned out better than my last two and I learned a few things, like to REALLY stuff her (at least more so than my last go at it). Her name is Amelia and will go to a special little girl named Amelia.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Brixton Outing

Earlier this week I went to one of my favorite places near our neighborhood, Brixton Village Market. I've been fighting a cold (actually, I think I've had a series of colds and I'm so tired of them!), but I decided to go anyway because I needed to get out of the house. I've also been wanting to test out our new little camera, a Sony DSC-RX100. We have a nice SLR but it's massive and now with 2 kids, it's just one more big, heavy thing to carry, which is why I've become so accustomed to using my iPhone (that and filters are fun!).